Wednesday, 21 Feb, 2018
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The Mind Body Spirit Experience
Talks & Meditations PDF Print E-mail

Talks will be held in the Houghton Room (opposite the Main Hall)


Saturday 7th April 2018


11.15 am - 25 Minutes

Opening Meditation, start the day in a wonderful relaxing


12.15 pm - 40 Minutes

Susannah Rafelle: Animal Communicator and Healer.

Her experiences helping animals

2.00 pm - 40 Minutes

Ann Major: A view on Mindfulness

‘Don’t believe everything you think!!’

3.00 pm - One Hour Workshop

Gillian Ellis: Meditation with sound. End the day to the sound

of crystal bowls, bells and gongs. Always Amazing!!!

Sunday 8th April 2018

11.15am - 45 Minutes

Steve Carter: opening mindfulness meditation with a talk

about the range of ‘In the Moment’ Aromatherapy meditation oils.

12.45pm – 40 Minutes

Matt, who is the representative in this country for The Sisters

of the Valley, gives an insight into their work in California.


2.15pm – 1 Hour

Vicky Foot: Shamanic Practitioner, she will cover

The teachings of the medicine wheel, its workings through

history to today!!



Soul Connections

Soul Connections is a group that brings together like-minded people, from therapists and healers to anyone who has an interest. Find out more.

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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing can have a profound effect on physical and psychological problems, and is not associated with any particular religion. Learn more...