Tuesday, 16 Jan, 2018
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The Mind Body Spirit Experience
Talks & Meditations PDF Print E-mail

Talks will be held in the Houghton Room (opposite the Main Hall)


Saturday 7th October 2017

11.15 am - 25 Minutes

Sue Owen Opening Meditation, start the day in a wonderful

relaxing way!!!

12.15 pm - 40 Minutes

Caroline Gibbons – Her Flower Essence Journey

2.00 pm - 40 Minutes

Sierra Kadeer –International Psychic, Medium and Clairvoyant

3.00 pm - One Hour power point presentation

Peter Knight - His new Book out!!!


Sunday 8th October 2017

11.15am - 25 Minutes

Sarah Williams -Opening Meditation, start the day in a wonderful relaxing way!!

12.15pm – 40 Minutes

Amanda Blay – Electro Pollution and Earth Healing!!

1.45pm – 40 Minutes

Liz Bridger –Her Shamanic Journey to Peru

3.00pm - One Hour Workshop

Andy Ford – International Medium, Reiki Master

Trance Healer, Teacher, Palmist and Tarot Reader, and very funny man!! Spend the last hour of our event tuning in with Andy!!


Soul Connections

Soul Connections is a group that brings together like-minded people, from therapists and healers to anyone who has an interest. Find out more.

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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing can have a profound effect on physical and psychological problems, and is not associated with any particular religion. Learn more...